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What it Takes to Qualify for a Military Spouse Training Program

The rolling out of the project for training for military spouses is a program that is focused on training as many people as possible as a way of preparing them for portable careers that seek to improve the livelihoods of the civilian community. This training program is open to the spouses of the junior level military spouses and helps them to acquire certifications and degrees related to the portable careers they intend to pursue. It should, however, be noted that for one to qualify for this sponsorship they ought to be willing to pursue their courses in colleges that are accredited. Several processes need to be followed for one wishing to apply for this program and this discussion aims at taking you through those processes in a really simple way.

The first part of the process involves the creation of an online profile in the programs online portal. Once the account is created, one should then proceed to the next step of supplying all the needed information concerning their spouses. The information supplied should be truthful since it will be verified against the military records to ascertain its truthfulness. Once the supplied information has been verified, the user is then allowed to open another account for the program on the web portal and this account is what serves as the official program’s account.

The other important thing that you need to know when applying for this program is that you need to have your education plan. The education plan is crucial since it outlines key things such as your career goals, the college you wish to take your course from among many other details. The plan you submit then goes through a process of approval before you are allowed to continue with the next step of applications. In normal cases, the approval of this plan could go up to ten business days.

After the training plan has been approved, one should go ahead and apply for the funding for their certification in the college they have enrolled in. The funding comes in the form of financial assistance (FA) and users can get more information about the process of applying for this funding from the portal. The funding can be up to $4000 and one is eligible to use it for up to three years in college or until it is depleted, whichever comes first. Regarding the funding, one should know that the tuition fees are remitted directly to the college account.

There is also another program that is available for the spouses who fail to qualify for the military spouse training program, the counseling program. Just like the military training for spouses training, this program seeks to equip the spouses for community work.

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