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Residency, Citizenship and Taxes

Residency can be defined as the condition of being a resident of a particular place. It may either be a village, town city, or even a country. Major cities and countries play host to citizens of other countries. There are certain factors that influence the residency. Citizenship is the state of a belonging to a given state. A citizen is a legally recognized member of a state

Citizenship can be acquired through a number of ways. Birth is a direct qualification of citizenship to a state. Aadoption is the second way by which one can attain citizenship of a state. Naturalization is another way that can be used to acquire citizenship. Naturalization is when you become the citizen of another country upon a request. You can become a citizen of another country via the international treaties. Nowadays, this is quite rare. There are some countries that allow dual citizenship.

There are numerous reasons why people shift from one place to another. The across border movements are also included. A person may choose to stay in a particular area for a number of reasons. The availability of employment opportunities is one of the factors that affect residency. Among the reasons why people prefer staying in a particular area, this is one of the major reasons. Job transfers is another cause of change of residence.

The residence of a person can be influenced by the desire to seek knowledge. A person might be forced to live in a foreign country in pursuit of knowledge. For instance, many students from different countries end up staying in the United States even after graduating. These students may even end up acquiring the citizenship of the country via naturalization. War and insecurity can make a person run away and become a resident of another place. One can become a resident of another place because of fleeing to another area due to security reasons. The major factors affecting residency are work, education, and insecurity.

Tax is defined as the money paid to the government. The tax money is not for buying any goods or services. It is the responsibilities of the citizens of a country to pay taxes. The payment of taxes is an obligation to all the citizens of any country. The working noncitizens also are supposed to pay special taxes to the government. The taxes of the citizens are different from those with noncitizens. Being citizen to a country comes with such privileges. The money obtained helps governments to run the nation. The government then ensure that the citizens access certain services.

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