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Improving Healthcare Services Through Technology.

Technology has led to better service provision in the healthcare industry and other industries through systems that make work easier and faster. There have been introduction of systems and devices in the healthcare industry that simplifies the process and connect patients with doctors more easily. One of the technological advancements in the healthcare industry is the telemedicine which has made it possible for clients to get services from far. Some places may lack proper infrastructure such as roads and makes it difficult for patients to access medical services during emergencies. Patients do not have to travel to medical centers to get treatment but instead use digital platforms to make live appointments with the doctors.

Artificial intelligence has brought about an improvement in the healthcare industry through quick and accurate data processing for finding possible causes and solutions. Through artificial intelligence doctors can be presented with results of diagnosis much quickly by providing symptoms to the system. By providing the reports about possible causes for symptoms of a patient quickly, the doctors can then plan on the best way forward. Artificial intelligence has been used to diagnose some problems like eye conditions and report within a very short period of time. Patients are offered a better healthcare experience by applications to chat with them and help them find answers to their questions.

The chatbots are types of artificial intelligence that interact with patients by asking and answering questions for better services. One may be too busy and forget to take medicine but using the chatbots one can avoid such scenarios as they alert patients when medication time comes. The healthcare industry has been improved by the internet of things by making more important information available concerning patients. Devices that connect with healthcare systems through the internet send patient’s vitals about blood pressure and other conditions for better planning. Doctors can use smart pills to get a better picture or diagnosis of the inside parts of patients which enables for better decision making.

Finding hospitals and other medical centers is now easier for patients through location based technology and way finding systems. The location based application is used on devices such as mobile phones and have the ability to calculate shortest routes to reduce time taken. If the appointment is likely to be delayed due to a number of patients, the systems may update the patient to avoid time wastage. There is a lot of information that can be used to make predictions based on certain patterns to help healthcare industry to find treatment for problems even before the problems manifest themselves.

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