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Make Sure You Already know these Things before Dive

In addition to snorkeling, there is one type of other water sports that the traveler likes to dive. In contrast to snorkeling, to perform this activity one must have a basic skill to swim first. Especially if you want to become a professional diver, many stages that must be passed include a must have Diving License.


During this time many assumptions that diving is an easy activity that does not need skill or permit. Includes a diving ban if you have asthma. The assumptions are not always true and even seem misleading. For that Traveling summarize from various sources, things you need to know about diving.

Dive Must have Diving License

Many people think that to dive they do not need Diving License, but this assumption is wrong. Exactly if you want to be a professional diver should have it. It is the same function as a driver’s license for pre-driver vehicles.

So what about the tour operators who provide diving services at various tourist attractions? Well, this is actually what makes people think Diving License is not important. At the tourist attractions, anyone can dive freely without need a permit.

Instructors will invite and guide tourists into the water as far as 5-7 meters. Bottom line they will not allow tourists to dive themselves. If you want to dive on your own without an instructor but do not have Diving License, do not expect to do it.

Conditions Diving can’t have Asthma, Myth or Fact?

The people who do these diving activities should be people who are physical, spiritual, middle-aged and have basic swimming skills. Testers will see this condition when creating a Dive License. The reason is, they will enter into “other realms” that can not necessarily breathe without help tool.

But is it true that people affected by asthma are impossible to do diving? Actually not too, according to some seasoned dive instructors stated that the most important is the anticipation of asthma. Of course, a person with chronic asthma is not immediately allowed to dive, they need a doctor’s certificate before taking a dive course.
Like Miss Scuba International 2011, Dayu Hatmanti for example. He claims people with asthma, but he was diligent in therapy and find out what things that provoke asthma to relapse. Now he claims to be healthier by undergoing diving activities.

Diving is One of the Activities that are Risky

Some think if diving is a riskless activity. Basically, all activities contain risks including diving. Generally, the people who say the dive is not at risk are those who prioritize commercial interests. When in fact diving is a sport as well as the adventure that can not be separated from the risk.

Not meant to scare off potential divers. Because every risk can be minimized knowing the true origin of the theory and practice of the right diving. Seawater is not like water in a quiet bath because even in the ocean have currents. Not to mention the diving spots inhabited by wild animals. For that, it takes a good understanding for divers to reduce the risk during the dive.

Air Tube for Diving not Just Contains Oxygen

we know every diver always equips himself with the long air tubes. As a layman, we know that the tube contains oxygen. The fact is the air inside the diver’s oxygen tub is different from the air we breathe in the wild.

In the gas cylinder contains nitrogen, oxygen and the rest are other gases. That’s why divers always have a safe time limit to be in the water. The reason is simple, this diver breathes air with high nitrogen levels, inhaling it for a long time causes decompression or nitrogen gas fails to come out of the surface of the skin that makes air bubbles in the bloodstream.

Learning Diving is Fun

One of the requirements of the dive must have a basic swimming technique. That’s why many people who fail to learn to dive because they can not swim. Do not be afraid, because we can learn all this in a relaxed, easy and fun way.
Most importantly before going to a diving course, you learn to swim. In a dive course, the instructor will be teach the basic theory of diving, including focusing on the comfort of being in the water. Later there will be a real scenario facing various difficulties in the water. Dive instructions you do right then learn diving is not as spooky as imagined.


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Here are 9 Most Extreme Tours in the World

Tourist attractions are places that can make us calm, relax and make the mind fresh again. If you are tired of the scenery that can give you the beauty of adrenaline. This is an extreme tourist spot in the world that can boost your adrenaline.

Aquaventure Water Park (Bahamas)

Mayan Temple’s serpent slide is one of the rides at Bahamas Aquaventure Water Park that will give you a different and extraordinary experience. You can enter the lagoon full of sharks and you will also feel in the darkness fifty meters and then fall into the prehistoric underground lair.

Cliff Base Extreme Jumping (Norway)

In Norway, there are many places that have very beautiful scenery, one of them is a creepy cliff named Cliff Base Jumping. Extreme sights exclusively for you who have courage. For those of you who like photography, in this place a lot of spots that you can make your photo object.

CN Tower Edge Walking (Canada)

CN Tower is a tower in Toronto, the capital of Canada. The tower is listed as the world’s extreme minaret in Guinness World Records. The unique design of CN Tower allows people to be able to walk on it (Edge Walking). Do you dare to try it?

El Caminito Del Rey Trekking (Spain)

In the southern part of Spain, there is a towering cliff named El Caminito Del Rey. This cliff is one of the main goals for adrenaline addicts. To be able to climb this cliff, the requirements have been aged over 12 years and have good control. However, this cliff has been closed to the public after two climbers were killed.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

You will feel like walking in the sky while walking your feet on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Because this place is designed on a cliff that is hundreds of meters tall and made of transparent thick glass. The scenery in this place no doubt. Wherever the eyes look, the natural beauty you will get.

Iguazu Boat Ride (Argentina and Brazil)

In Iguazu, there are 275 waterfalls through Argentina and Brazilian parks. To enjoy the scenery and feel the thrill of sensation in Iguazu, you can board the boat that has been provided. You just pay the $ 15 fare and feel the sensation of getting on a boat at the waterfall. But you have to be very careful because in 2011 there were two American tourists who died after the boat climbed hit the rock and upside down.

Rowing with the Whales (Alaska)

At the north pole, precisely in Alaska, there is a very extreme tour of rowing with whales and sharks in the sea. This is devoted to the rowers who have very extreme souls. If you like a cool and challenging place, this is probably the right place to visit.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark (Kansas City)

Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City has the world’s tallest and fastest spotting spot. Its speed reaches 70 mph (miles per hour). If you want to feel your adrenaline challenged, you should try it. But remember, maybe you will run out of breath or even have a sudden heart attack.

Volcano Bungee (Chile)

Bungee jumping was great. When the body is thrown from a high place, the adrenaline gets raced and the heart pounding rapidly. But if you feel bungee jumping is normal, maybe you should feel the bungee jumping on the volcano. Yes, this bungee jumping really exists in Chile. This attraction is crazy because you have to jump from helicopter to lava.…

Traveling Is Fun

Turnkey Travel Websites are a perfect resolution to those who are just starting out with an internet business. Along with the above obligations an agent will be the number one source on things like the weather, local customs for international travel, web site sights, money change rates, and more. A new pattern is growing for individuals who acquire a travel and tourism degree by way of an internet college.\n\nIn reality, stories a survey performed by the net travel company Expedia. Studies show that people who take a vacation trip no less than annually, cut back the chance of heart attack by 50{344f868959af3f9e3e641e12a1c2310a30f6ff46bc7e38e9fad39d8fe079aac2}. It’s also reported that people who postpone their vacations too usually, have twice the possibility of growing myocardial infarction or coronary dying.\n\n5. See if the receptionist at the resort can let you know of a secure place where the locals eat (those restaurants are cheaper than eating at the resort), but you must be very careful. 8. Purchase your tour bundle from the travel agent if attainable (it is normally cheaper if you purchase it beforehand), but ask the travel agent to suggest the bundle that sells essentially the most.\n\nIn just seconds, you’ll find out what 10 completely different firms are going to charge you for the same precise trip. There are even many websites where you just put your data in once, and it will find the most effective prices for you out of multiple firms.

Traveling On A Price range

If you happen to’re planning to stay in Europe this summer time there are plenty of low-cost and environmentally pleasant methods to journey, all accessible to book and research online. First, when you have the option to be very flexible together with your vacation spot and timeframe, then you can start watching expedia, priceline, hotwire, southwest, and different travel sites for nice final minute offers. To know more concerning the tourist destinations and spots you can all the time rely on Europe information or travel books.\n\nIt is a place the place journey agents will suggest and include of their vacation package to individuals who holiday in Taipei. When you buy journey insurance coverage from a journey agent or airline, be it for a single trip away or an annual policy, you’re more likely to massively overpay.\n\nTo mitigate towards issues, as it’s your accountability to examine your journey paperwork are legitimate and you meet the entry necessities, always examine the Foreign and Commonwealth Workplace website for the entry rules of the countries you are visiting well earlier than travelling and give your self plenty of time to get your paperwork in order.\n\nI feel (so I am not assuming again) you are not planning to hitch a freighter crew and get to Europe working the sluggish boat, so we are most definitely talking low-cost flights to Europe. A very powerful factor to recollect when shopping for cheap tickets on-line is to know your departure dates and times.\n\nAs an alternative, travel during the fall, when college begins again, or early winter, when prices shall be back to regular, if not cheaper than ordinary. Some volunteer organizations might allow you to out with room and board, and sometimes flights. It’s because journey insurance coverage will not just cowl you whilst you’re away, it will also cover you for cancellation or anything that might go flawed BEFORE you make your trip.…

Your Traveling Would not Have To Be Dear!

Flying all over the world may be simple and trouble-free when you bear in mind a number of the international suggestions for air travel. One approach to get that ancillary revenue back that’s instantly tied to the problem of overhead storage could be to simply sell prospects special airline-branded baggage. These baggage could be specifically designed to click in underneath a seat for people who still wished to deliver larger baggage on board.\n\nSuch a revenue model may easily broaden with larger planes and turn into more enticing to more folks, thus participating in new web development, but as a substitute Netjets finds itself stuck in a slim category of the airline trade. Adjustments to airline rules would spark a much-needed development and renewal process that may revitalize an trade that is in desperate need of an upgrade.\n\nAnother helpful tip if you contact the airline is to ask them for a ‘special’ meal. All airlines now do these, and range from salt free to meat free, fish only to carbohydrate only, and so forth. You will normally find a record of these on the airlines website, so verify first, if you’re unable to search out it, just ask them for the record.\n\nAirlines, corresponding to Singapore Airlines is providing first-class travelers heir alternative of beverage, including champagne including Dom Perignon upon boarding the flight. We are pretty lucky if we get a free box of snacks, like Southwest Airlines has been so sort as to supply on several flights.

Traveling On A Funds

Taipei is well-known for being a holiday shopper’s paradise. Possibly you don’t actually fear about the cost of your air tickets if you travel, but who amongst us would not like to find a discount and save cash. When traveling to Europe from the US, try attending to a serious metropolis like London, and then use the native low-cost fare airways to journey round Europe.\n\nYow will discover nice lodging in Porto for $10-$15 (€eight-€12, £4.50-£9) an evening, an distinctive lunch of seafood caught right outside town for $5 and large dinners of grilled octopus, heaps of salt cod and all of the greens and buttered potatoes you can eat for not more than $10 a head.\n\nGet in contact for those who need help with your booking. The primary reason most individuals over pay for journey, vacation or resort value is lack of time. This article will help get you began in the proper path by giving some suggestions that you should utilize as you intend on your journey.\n\nSeason of 12 months is helpful for getting low cost journey to Europe. In a nutshell: Once you have arrived at your destination, consider approaching a hostel supervisor and negotiating a deal to change some work in your room—in the event that they’re in need of workers, you possibly can barter your labour for a free place to remain.\n\nBut if none of that is a fear, journey insurance coverage in the UK offers all the standard protections you’d get overseas, resembling loss, theft and cancellation. Another benefit of travelling by bus is that you even have the prospect to get out of it in some unspecified time in the future, and take a contemporary breath of air, and you can see many sights that you simply will be unable to see if you are travelling by airplane.\n\nBTW, if you are looking for low cost travel to Europe from South America, though there are exceptions which complete every rule, you’ll possible find a goodly variety of deals in the event you fly to North America first, so please wait on the hate mail for two days or extra, while you look over your options.\n\nTake into consideration this if you are travelling with your own automotive, meaning that you’re going to maintain things like this yourself. An excellent example of this can be merely no extras airline carriers, or perhaps low-priced lodging choices grouped collectively together with cheap journey.…

Traveling Has Great Academic Value

Since 1997, travel companies had been feeling the sting of “chopping out the middleman”. Websites corresponding to , and abruptly entice high interest to savvy travelers who wish to plan their travel at convenience. In addition to the above three travel websites, there are numerous sites that specialize into completely different market niches. Like the outdated saying ‘don’t put all your eggs into the same basket,’ deciding on one travel website for all your travel needs is unnecessary.\n\nBusiness promotion and tour planning are now not confined to only the yearly travel and tourism gala’s or your affable traveller’s guide-guide. With all individuals desirous to be a step ahead in matters of planning for tours, the travel websites play a vital function in promoting varied new places and tourist hotspot destinations.\n\nEven on a last minute flight, you may get options of several airlines from which you’ll choose. They record all operating airlines not like travel agents who favor only a selected number of airlines that they often take care of. Another crucial thing that lets you lower your expenses is that not like the travel agent’s minimize you do not pay any extra to these websites.\n\nVisiting travel agents web pages could provide you with an thought where to get those low-cost tickets. Also these travel agents are very professionals and know a lot more about trade secrets, they might have data where to look and where to get a cheaper airline ticket.…