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POPULAR CHRISTMAS TOYS. A lot of joy and amusement come along with the Christmas day. Most parents opt and plan for gifting their children with several prizes, presents. Toys are the most preferred gifts for a quite number of children as they serve different purposes on that material day. Children do not open up the gifts until the anticipated day comes when they get them out and show case with their fellow friends as they play together. Celebrations are seen and felt all over after opening up the sealed gifts on that fateful day. Early preparations for the Christmas day are done when the children start asking and requesting their parents for gifts. Kids usually have a mindset of a specific gift which mainly is a toy. The toys are found in the market bearing different specifications. The price of each toy is dependent on its features. Sevaral factors are attributed to the cost of the toys by the sellers. Each parent will determine the type and quality of the toy to purchase depending on their budgets for that specific function. Available toys have good taste for both boy child and the girl child.
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Both boy child and girl child have different likes for the available toys. male gender prefers the engine-driven type of toys while the female gender prefers toys harmonics. there is an evidence that different age groups have their class and type of toys. For instance little toddlers will be bought a quite different toys as opposed to the children above five years. On the same note others will love toys of balls, birds, guns, planes, and cars depending on the decision of the parent and requisition of the child.
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Various plays are planned by the children considering the toys available from each child. For example children can plan and start their fun of music following the musical toys available. If a certain tone plays, they can decide it to mean a certain something in their game. For the children to open up their minds, various toys are applied in their play. Dice and structure-making pads are highly preferred in this kind of a game to assist the children in thinking broadly and deeply. They can make different structures with them for fun. Christmas seasons have a great preference for the sale of toys. Most children like toys during the Christmas hence creating a ready market and make the dealers to fill the gap by providing more. At the eve of Christmas day, the demand for toys goes up to call for sufficient supply. By this, it is now justifiable as to why the number of toys in the market becomes large during Christmas season.