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Secure Your California Employment Rights With a Lawyers Help

Maybe California is your birth place or you’re an immigrant, but in all cases, your employment rights are enshrined in law. But that does not mean you won’t encounter violations of your employment rights, in which case, you should consult a lawyer for help. Legal assistance in case of employment issues may help with different scenarios such as underpayment of salaries, unsafe workplace environment, or even immigrant employee rights violations.

Let’s review some of the labor rights concerns you may need a Glendale attorney for:

Minimum Wage Violations

The state of California stipulates a minimum wage of 10.5 dollars per hour as from January 1, 2017. If an employer fails to pay the minimum wage as required by law, they can be compelled to pay the employee liquidated damages on top of existing fines. Such damages imply compensation for any kind of loss or injury that an employee suffers after their employer fails to pay them the minimum wage.

Hazardous Work Environment

It’s the legal responsibility of an employer to ensure worker safety. As such, an employer needs to put in place reasonable measures, including training and equipment that secure their staff at the workplace. If your boss is negligent toward that, exposing you to on-the-job injury, you can seek much more than worker’s compensation. Don’t hesitate to invite an employment lawyer to evaluate your case seeing as the employer may also be liable for compensatory as well as punitive damages.

Immigration Labor Protection

California has labor laws that make it illegal for an employer to report a worker’s immigration status (or threaten to) to the immigration authorities. For instance, an employer of an illegal immigrant working in California and lamenting over compensation that’s below the minimum wage cannot reveal them to immigration or otherwise scare them into toning down their push to receive fair compensation. An employer found to break the particular California labor codes restricting discriminatory practices directed to immigrants suffers civil penalties as high as $10,000 per employee for every infringement.

Anti-Discrimination Laws

According to California employment codes, an employer may not discriminate against you because of your race, sex, sexual orientation, and other reasons. This state has enacted whistleblower protection regulations. Therefore, you can disclose any breach of local rules on the part of your employer and not be punished for it. Employees who report any illicit conduct they suspect at the workplace are also protected by these whistleblower laws.

You can count on an employment attorney to help you out any of the possible workplace problems in California. Engage the lawyer concerning poor paying jobs, hazardous work environment, immigration-related malpractices, and other concerns.

If your employer is in a way violating your employee rights, consult a California employment attorney for assistance.

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