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All About Buying a Bong.

You can buy a new bong to add to what you already have, to replace an old or broke one or pick your first bong. It does not matter why you want a new bong as it does getting a good one that will give you better value for the money you have spent in the process. Think about your lifestyle as well when you are picking your next bong. Think about the products you will be putting in your bong before making a choice.

Water pipes work well for legal dry herbs and also concentrates. Even so, the water pipes come in different types and it is the product you will be using that should guide you in making the decision. For dry legal herbs as well as tobacco, there will be a need for a bowl in the bong which means you need to pick something that has a larger stem. Ensure it makes a 90 or 45-degree angle.

When it comes to legal concentrates, a nail is necessary and this requires the angle stem to make 90 degrees. Don’t take this to mean you can only use one product for a given bong because you can share. Pick a small to medium sized-glass bong if you are not sure of what you will be using. When it has a quartz banger attachment, switching from product to product will not be difficult.

Also, consider whether the bong has a percolator or not. This accessory ensures that smoke is diffused. Combustion happens when dry substances are burned in the bong and it is harmful to your health. With percolators, the unwanted toxins are eliminated through filtration to make sure you do not inhale the byproducts. It also at the percolator where the smoke is cooled down. What ends up in your lungs is a cleaner and smoother product. Some bongs have built-in diffusers while for others you have to add them.

Also, consider the size of the bong before adding it to your cart. How you are planning to use the bong will be enough to help you pick a size that fits perfectly to the mission. It can be your main item or something you take with you when you will be outdoors all day long. If you want something to bring with you all over, pick a smaller pipe. You can choose a large bong if you will be keeping it at home for use on a daily basis. When you are using a larger bong, you will find it easy to make modifications and even for percolation.

Your lung capacity is also essential when picking the bong size. If you are a newbie, your puffs will be smaller which means a smaller size is ideal.

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