Making the Most out of your Cape Town Visit

 The picturesque coastal city of Cape Town in South Africa is undoubtedly one of the continent’s most metropolitan and beautiful places one could hope to visit in Africa. With its European architecture, mixed with a very African touch, Cape Town is everything a person could hope for.

Cape Town is a beautiful place, and it can indeed be a place that you end up wanting to move to indefinitely. You will then need to transport your personal possessions with a leading vehicle Weighing service, in the most convenient manner possible. You can be sure that your immigration will be as smooth as possible.

Helicopter Rides

 Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the most diversely stunning cities in the world. Its upmarket suburbs, sprawling city center, and stunning waterfront all framed by a wonderful mountain range that embraces the city protectively.

The only way to truly appreciate all of this scenery is up in the air. Utilizing the latest in silent and eco-friendly helicopters, the leading helicopter tour services will provide you with some jaw-dropping vistas.

There are specialized and very romantic Wineland helicopter tours, where you can enjoy the scenery high up in the air with some leading bottles of vino. You can also take the Robben Island helicopter tour, where you can see this historical site in its epic entirety.

Wine Tasting

Vine enthusiasts will know South Africa’s Western Cape to be one of the finest locations for fine wines. With over two thousand vineyards and wine estates in this area to explore, you really are spoiled for choice.

One can easily do around five wine estate tours a day, and even more, if weekends are to be dedicated to exploring the luxurious craft of Western Cape wine cultivation.

The Zeitz MOCAA Museum

South African art is on the rise, and there are few places in the country where you can find more leading examples of leading artists of late than the Zeitz. Here you will find the biggest collection of modern African art in the world.

The architecture itself is out of this world, engulfing visitors in an alien world of intricately and mesmerizingly carved hallways and passageways in which people will not mind getting lost in. The Silo District, which houses the museum itself, has plenty more cultural and artistic sites to visit.

Malay Cooking Courses

There is all manner of cultures to be found in Cape Town, and their cuisines are all definitely something that you should spend some time appreciating. A Malay cooking course is one of the best ways to get to grips with one of the most historic and central cultures in the city.

A wonderful and tantalizing selection of curries, seafood, and confectioneries awaits the intrepid chef, and your family and friends back home will be amazed at the exotic meals you are now able to serve them.

The Malay are a beautiful people, and their homes and architecture are just as colorful and vibrant as their cuisine, not to mention their festivals.