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Invalidating Major Myths Associated with Low Carb Meals

Have you ever heard of low carb diets? Maybe you have, but you are discouraged from trying it out because of too many myths. The low carb meals are similar to keto diets because they all have limited supply of carbs and proteins so they can activate ketogenesis which is the breakdown of fats in the body. Go on reading here to learn of some misconceptions that make some people discouraged to try out keto meals.

Some individuals think that low carb recipes often have high quantities of fats and proteins. However, keto diets are supposed to have low protein to optimize ketogenesis process. The ketosis state allows the body to break down fats stored in the liver so you can lose weight.

Many people have a misperception that keto recipes are only intended for weight loss purpose. Nonetheless, this is misinformation because the food has multiple other benefits, including prevention of diseases like diabetes, balancing hormones, and controlling blood sugar. You should also be wary that if you are taking too much protein in your diet, you may gain weight instead of losing it.

Perhaps you have heard that you do not need to exercise when you are on a low carb diet. This is far from the truth because your body has lots of energy acquired from the breakdown of fats stored in the liver. You are likely to feel weak in the first days, but you will soon adjust to the controlled energy release. Ensure you exercise as much as possible as your body will be able to lose high amounts of energy so you can lose weight maximally.

You have most probably heard some people say that the advantages associated with the keto meals are myths with no hard evidence to back them up. You are mistaken. The low carb diets were first designed back in the 1920s by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Ensuing studies have confirmed that keto diets come with lots of benefits such as suppressing high blood pressure, insulin resistance, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, and diabetes. In turn, keto meals will also be ideal for you in case you just want to stay healthy without necessarily losing weight.

Are you afraid of losing lean muscle mass on the keto diet? Although different scientific studies claim that keto diets will lead to the loss of lean muscle mass, fresh evidence shows that people who train when on this recipe build strength and muscles. However, you will get multiple benefits from using ketogenic diets even without necessarily participating in the routine exercise.

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