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5 Places to Visit in Ranthambore by Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels has been one of the first initiatives of Indian Railways to offer an ultimate taste of opulence to the tourists. The train travels through the princely state of Rajasthan, taking the tourists through the mighty forts, palatial palaces and the golden sands of the dessert. While staying on the train you can experience the same grandeur as the Rajput clan, staying in lavish suites, dining in sparkling dining cars and relishing sumptuous cuisines and high quality drinks.

Ranthambore is one of the significant tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Besides the national park, there are several places in and around Ranthambore which are both awe inspiringly beautiful and historically significant.

The five must visit places at Ranthambore includes

  1. Ranthambore National Park

Considered as one of the best places to watch tigers, Ranthambore National Park is frequented by nature and wildlife photographers from round the world. Besides tigers, the forest is also known for leopards, striped hyenas, chital and sambar deer, nilgai, black bugs and Indian flying foxes.

There are more than 272 species of birds in the Ranthambore National Park, which include Graylag Goose, Woodpeckers, Indian Gray Hornbills, Cuckoos, Parakeets, Asian Palm Swift, Dove, Bee Eaters and Crakes. The forest is also a treasure of medicinal plants and hundreds of years old trees.

Tourists can enjoy jeep safari on open gypsy cars or canters to get a vivid view of the surroundings at a close distant to the tigers.

  1. Ranthambore Fort

This majestic fort is situated amidst the jungles of Ranthambore National Park. Built by the Chauhan dynasty, at present this fort (also known as the Hill Fort) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Earlier, kings used to hunt from the top of this 700 feet high castle.

  1. Trinetra Ganesh Temple

This ancient shrine is located inside the Ranthambore National Park. The idol represents 3-eyed Ganesha while the temple is known to be one of the oldest temples of the state. Besides Ganesha, the temple also has statues of His whole family, including Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

  1. Surwal Lake

Looking for some solitude? Visit the Surwal Lake. The best time to visit the lake is dawn and dusk when birds leave or return to their nests. The air gets filled with the twitters of numerous while the cool breeze sets your mood for a whole day of exploration.

  1. Kachida Valley

Want to spend some more time in the wild terrains? Pack your bags and head towards the Kachida Valley. Surrounded by low hills, this valley is almost at the border of Ranthambore. The place is a natural shelter for bears and panthers. While sloth bears are found extracting honey from the honeycombs within the jungle, the deer are seen grazing coolly at various parts of the valley.

Ranthambore is within the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. Palace on Wheels enters Sawai Madhopur on its 3rd day. The train chugs into the district early morning and you have the whole day to explore the above mentioned tourist spots of Ranthambore. Are you ready to book your journey in Palace on Wheels which makes your trip more memorable.…

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Make Sure You Already know these Things before Dive

In addition to snorkeling, there is one type of other water sports that the traveler likes to dive. In contrast to snorkeling, to perform this activity one must have a basic skill to swim first. Especially if you want to become a professional diver, many stages that must be passed include a must have Diving License.


During this time many assumptions that diving is an easy activity that does not need skill or permit. Includes a diving ban if you have asthma. The assumptions are not always true and even seem misleading. For that Traveling summarize from various sources, things you need to know about diving.

Dive Must have Diving License

Many people think that to dive they do not need Diving License, but this assumption is wrong. Exactly if you want to be a professional diver should have it. It is the same function as a driver’s license for pre-driver vehicles.

So what about the tour operators who provide diving services at various tourist attractions? Well, this is actually what makes people think Diving License is not important. At the tourist attractions, anyone can dive freely without need a permit.

Instructors will invite and guide tourists into the water as far as 5-7 meters. Bottom line they will not allow tourists to dive themselves. If you want to dive on your own without an instructor but do not have Diving License, do not expect to do it.

Conditions Diving can’t have Asthma, Myth or Fact?

The people who do these diving activities should be people who are physical, spiritual, middle-aged and have basic swimming skills. Testers will see this condition when creating a Dive License. The reason is, they will enter into “other realms” that can not necessarily breathe without help tool.

But is it true that people affected by asthma are impossible to do diving? Actually not too, according to some seasoned dive instructors stated that the most important is the anticipation of asthma. Of course, a person with chronic asthma is not immediately allowed to dive, they need a doctor’s certificate before taking a dive course.
Like Miss Scuba International 2011, Dayu Hatmanti for example. He claims people with asthma, but he was diligent in therapy and find out what things that provoke asthma to relapse. Now he claims to be healthier by undergoing diving activities.

Diving is One of the Activities that are Risky

Some think if diving is a riskless activity. Basically, all activities contain risks including diving. Generally, the people who say the dive is not at risk are those who prioritize commercial interests. When in fact diving is a sport as well as the adventure that can not be separated from the risk.

Not meant to scare off potential divers. Because every risk can be minimized knowing the true origin of the theory and practice of the right diving. Seawater is not like water in a quiet bath because even in the ocean have currents. Not to mention the diving spots inhabited by wild animals. For that, it takes a good understanding for divers to reduce the risk during the dive.

Air Tube for Diving not Just Contains Oxygen

we know every diver always equips himself with the long air tubes. As a layman, we know that the tube contains oxygen. The fact is the air inside the diver’s oxygen tub is different from the air we breathe in the wild.

In the gas cylinder contains nitrogen, oxygen and the rest are other gases. That’s why divers always have a safe time limit to be in the water. The reason is simple, this diver breathes air with high nitrogen levels, inhaling it for a long time causes decompression or nitrogen gas fails to come out of the surface of the skin that makes air bubbles in the bloodstream.

Learning Diving is Fun

One of the requirements of the dive must have a basic swimming technique. That’s why many people who fail to learn to dive because they can not swim. Do not be afraid, because we can learn all this in a relaxed, easy and fun way.
Most importantly before going to a diving course, you learn to swim. In a dive course, the instructor will be teach the basic theory of diving, including focusing on the comfort of being in the water. Later there will be a real scenario facing various difficulties in the water. Dive instructions you do right then learn diving is not as spooky as imagined.



You will need to know that if you end up trying to find low-cost airline tickets that you need to look upfront to save cash. As it turns out, in addition they provide the same companies to get you very low-cost airfare. This is likely one of the components during which airlines base their changing fares. If the airlines foresee that a lot of people might be going to Hawaii this summer season (which, by the way in which, can be where you’re headed), don’t count on to score the most affordable airfare tickets there!\n\nCalling airlines instantly or your traditional travel agency won’t damage you. Usually they have surprisingly low-cost flights to offer. Normally the closer you get to your departure date, the higher the fare will go. Try to guide your travel no less than 14 days prior to your departure.\n\nHence the habits of airfare prices acts in a means which can’t be solely explained by gas prices. The numerous mergers of airlines lately, for example that of Continental Airlines and United Airlines, Delta Air and Northwest Airlines, have decreased much of the competition that existed before so airlines now not must battle for prices.\n\nTake the time to guide the flight yourself as a substitute of using a travel agency. While there may be nothing mistaken in using travel companies especially if you want to avoid the same old hassles of booking flights, know that you will at all times be charged for companies they provide.

How A Travel Agent Works

The process of tips on how to turn into a travel agent just isn’t as challenging as many of us suppose. Travel Agents Have Rates That You Don’t – Travel agents are aware of special flight prices, special resort and cruise cabin rates that customers will never find online themselves. Many travel arrangements are supplied to travel companies at a discount, and travel companies make their earnings by way of commissions.\n\nGood travel agents give attention to finding deals during nonpeak instances, which is when you possibly can score the most affordable rates and best selection. Trade veterans corresponding to Kerl Commock say that some travelers still favor booking by way of an agency as a result of it saves them time and makes flight cancellations less annoying.\n\nMany agents could have spent less than a 12 months in the job and it could possibly take time to learn to get the better deals for purchasers, especially on out of the way in which routes. There are two features to the way in which agents work in Australia that affect the service you might be given.\n\nPersons are apprehensive initially about this since they aren’t certain they may have the ability to navigate themselves around the internet, but the reality is that some of these online travel agents provide very person friendly interfaces which even your grandmother may use.…

Travel Websites

Finding discount airline tickets indeed a neat ability to know and be taught. Let’s get back to our long weekend in Chicago: Resort selection is a bit more subjective, as more criteria are involved. Travelocity’s first nonsponsored advice was a room with a king bed at the Onerous Rock Resort Chicago, a good alternative, for $149 per evening.\n\nThat doesn’t embody other online travel booking companies the resort could have used. Steve Shur, the president of Travel Tech, which represents Airbnb, Expedia and Priceline among others, warned the move could be a taxation of a service, which, he mentioned, Indiana usually does not do.\n\nThe beauty of travel and booking companies is that they each have their own respective strengths. For example, some sites are more centered on motels and might provide users lower prices than a competitor. Similarly, some companies will host more competitive prices on flights or rental vehicles.\n\nYour website rapidly communicates that your destinations and tours are fun, secure and secure. Not only is it a fantastic place to search out great lodging but by posting on their forums I have gotten plenty of questions answered and made plenty of really good contacts.…

How To Journey The World On The Low cost

In case you dream of traveling and discovering the United States, one State at a time, this article will show you how to do it on a price range. You might want to contemplate camping as an alternative choice to getting a resort room. Whereas selecting a travel insurance coverage is not rocket science, don’t think you should purchase cover with out first giving it appreciable thought. Most hostels have web sites, so examine the internet to see their rates and amenities earlier than you make a reservation.\n\nNobody desires their holiday to finish earlier than it begins, however most traditional policies will not cover the sort of situation. For those who’re visiting Egypt, Morocco, Turkey or Tunisia, it’s value getting a citation for European cowl first after which checking the coverage’s geographical space definition to see if the country you’re going to is included.\n\nTravel schedules are sometimes the sufferer of opposed weather, so delay cover is among the extra vital elements of journey insurance coverage. Considering you needn’t organize cowl but as your holiday’s not for another six months is a big mistake. One other good thing about cheap travel to Japan is that most of those inexpensive motels are located in and across the central a part of town.\n\nYou will discover nice lodging in Porto for $10-$15 (€eight-€12, £4.50-£9) a night, an exceptional lunch of seafood caught proper outdoors town for $5 and big dinners of grilled octopus, heaps of salt cod and all the vegetables and buttered potatoes you possibly can eat for not more than $10 a head.\n\nGenerally low-cost travel tip that can aid you get monetary savings throughout traveling, is specific tip on where or the right way to get the very best offers on the particular things like lodge discounts, low-cost rental automotive, cheap airline tickets or different touring reductions.…

The Ultimate Travel Guide For First Time Travelers

The state of Texas is thought for a lot of things, but lately, it has turn into finest identified for what its capital city, Austin, presents, particularly Austin Texas tours masking a wide range of interests. If you’re the particular person carrying the digicam or bag, then walk away fro the edge of the highway where it is simple for bike thieves to grab something and make a quick getaway. The explanation most people fall for these methods is as a result of we are more relaxed on vacation and the people who carry out these crimes are superb at it.\n\n● Macatan Island, Cebu – positioned also in the Visayas, Cebu’s Mactan Island has motels and resorts water sports services, bars and restaurants to guarantee every tourist an gratifying stay in the course of the day and a nightlife of music, food and drinks.\n\nA number of the easiest possessions to steal are baggage and cameras owing to the way in which folks carry them without even recognizing that they are a straightforward target for thieves; ensure the straps are over the pinnacle and across the chest if you want to hold on to them.\n\nInterCity is New Zealand’s most comprehensive national bus network and is a good possibility to sit down back, loosen up and enjoy the scenery while someone else does the driving. They have a hundred thirty day by day companies by way of the country to more than 600 towns, cities and communities.\n\nWhile the history of town is enough to herald tourists, there is a completely different facet to Savannah after the sun goes down. Miami has a very completely different feel from the rest of Florida with a huge Hispanic population adding to the cultural makeup of town (there’s really a Spanish-speaking majority here).…