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Things You Should Not Do When in New York

Are you a travel enthusiast? Alternatively, are you making plans to tour the New York? No matter how many times you might have visited the place, it’s certain that you might have done something wrong, gone to the wrong place, or even spent your money on the wrong things.

Of course, such things are bound to happen to anyone especially if you are not a regular visitor. Regardless, with the right information prior to your visit, you can always avoid the common mistakes and make the most out of your vacation. Follow this expert advice on what not to do in New York and you will be assured of a splendid time.

  1. Don’t stand on the sidewalk

As a first time visitor in New York, it is hard not to be fascinated by the city’s mesmerizing skyscrapers, beautiful monuments, or its flourishing arts. However, even as you take a glimpse at its amazing features, don’t stand on the sidewalk.

As beautiful as the city may be, bear in mind that it holds a population of around 8 million people. Its inhabitants find it aggravating having to maneuver around you and your travel companion on the pathways as they are on their way to work, home, or elsewhere. So, ensure you stand aside so that folks using the sidewalk will do that at ease.

  1. Don’t dress like a tourist

You must dress, behave, or do like they do in New York. One of the most notable things that would probably blow up your cover is dressing like a visitor. You wanted to show some love while visiting the city, so you wore an “I Heart NY” hat, sweatpants, white sneakers, or socks with sandals. Well, if you want to be treated like a real New Yorker, think jeans, sneakers, or anything black.

  1. Don’t lean on the subway poles

Riding on the subway is probably one of the most common transport networks in the New York. So, to fully blend in with the New Yorkers, riding around with a tour guide might not be the best option. Having explored one area, take the subway to your next destination. Also, while riding the subway, avoid leaning on one pole, and hold it with your hand instead. You will not only be allowing enough space for others to grab but will also avoid getting hurt.

  1. Don’t walk around with luggage

To have the best time while visiting the city, the last thing you would want is a baggage limiting your movement. Luckily, the city offers several luggage collection storages at an affordable fee for as low as $1. Luggage Hero is New York’s favorite collection storage. It offers over 140 different luggage storage locations all over the city. Among the most popular places you can easily access, Luggage Hero Times Square is one of the places you can store your items to.

As you plan your trip to the city, it is my hope that the above tips will significantly work on improving your visit and make it as exciting as possible.

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3 Benefits of a Charter Bus for Your Business Outing

When it comes to group transportation for your company, you have to explore your options. A charter bus offers a variety of benefits in comparison to asking everyone to drive themselves to a particular destination.


The cost of a charter bus can be considerably more affordable than reimbursing all of your employees for their mileage and tolls. You have to be realistic about where you are going. The further it is, the more affordable a charter bus becomes. Additionally, a bus will drop you off and pick you up, which means that there is no need to pay for parking anywhere, either.


Driving across the state or even out-of-state can be challenging. If you don’t know where you are going, you need to rely on GPS. You may also have to endure traffic. There’s nothing convenient about having to carpool with employees, either. Rather than asking everyone to drive themselves, you can simply offer a charter bus to get everyone to the final destination.


If you have never had much success with everyone arriving on time to a meeting, convention, or company retreat, it may be that you are asking too much of your employees. You have to realize that everyone has lives. They may not have the most reliable vehicle. They may also not be looking forward to getting on the road and driving for several hours. By offering a charter bus rental Houston employees will arrive at once. It makes it easier so that you can be timely in adhering to your schedule.

Charter buses are capable of accommodating large groups. Comfortable chairs allow everyone to lean back and relax while being taken to a particular destination. It’s an easier solution when you have a large group of people going to the same location.…

Three Things to Know About Resort Vacations

Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive ski resort in Vail, CO, or you are looking for resorts near Palm Springs golf courses, you will have plenty of places to choose from. However, there are a few things that travelers need to know about visiting a resort before they pack their pack their bags and buy a plane ticket.

All-Inclusive May Really Mean Some-clusive

While many resorts offer “all-inclusive” packages that extend to include accommodations, food, drinks and entertainment, there are often parameters to which guests must adhere if they do not want a hefty bill full of upcharges at checkout. From top-shelf booze to entertainment or experiences that are not held at the resort, it is important to understand the conditions of an inclusive vacation.

Authenticity is Hard to Find

Visiting a resort is an incredible, luxurious experience that singles, couples and families often enjoy, but those in search of local culture are not likely to find it. Because resorts are typically built in areas that vacationers crave, it is usually pretty hard to find that local color that so many tourists are looking for. If you want to experience the area like a local, find other accommodations.

Mediocre Food Could be a Reality

While some resorts offer incredible food that will satisfy even the choosiest guests, all-inclusive resorts may not have the greatest food. Although an all-inclusive resort may offer fine dining at the restaurants on the property, those who want to take advantage of the food that is included in their stay are likely to find themselves eating at a lot of buffets. Despite the fact that the food may not be incredible, it is generally plentiful, often flavorful and usually available around-the-clock.

Making Resort Vacations Work

While there may be a few things about vacationing at a resort that are not as wonderful as you had thought they would be, it can still be a great trip. Taking the time to truly understand what you are paying for is the first step toward making your resort vacation a success.…

Finding A Beach Rental

It’s sometimes hard to find a rental when you want to go on vacation because of the time of year you want to go and the location. There are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for rentals on Bald Head Island that can make it a bit easier to get what you want at just the right time. Consider renting during the off-season. You’ll save money, and the location won’t be as crowded, which means the lines in restaurants and at attractions will be shorter.

Figure out what you really want in a beach rental before looking for houses. If possible, try to find something that isn’t right on the ocean because it’ll be less expensive. Most houses are within walking distance to the beach anyway, so it’s not like you’re going to have to travel a long distance to get to the sand and the ocean. Book as early as you can. Sometimes, owners will offer discounts if you book a house months in advance so that they know someone will be in the home throughout the year. Look at more than one location. If you don’t see the right size of home you need for your family or a group of people who are going, keep looking for other houses until you find one that has the number of bedrooms that you need as well as all of the amenities that you want.

Try to stay somewhere that isn’t in the middle of the city. If you stay on the outskirts, there’s a better chance that you’ll find something cheaper and that you’ll enjoy. You’ll also be able to relax a bit more because there usually won’t be as many people in the area. Talk to real estate agents to find a beach rental that is ideal for your vacation.…

A Live Gaming Experience

Nowadays, in almost all the online casinos, they give you the option to play ‘live casino’. In other words, you play against a real dealer, rather than a device or computer system. Find the same feel of playing at a land-based casino and an authentic experience!

At Moon Games, UK’s best online casino, you can play various famous table games with real dealers. For instance, you can find Blackjack Live, Three Card Poker, Roulette Live and Speed Baccarat Live. Test your skills on these games – which are available 24/7 on this brilliant online gaming site! What’s interesting is that you can access them via a tablet, mobile phone, or desktop!

Difference between Live Casino and other Casino Games

The difference between live casino and other casino games is pretty noteworthy. The rules are practically the same however, playing live casino provides a stronger feeling of being ‘in the action’.

As soon as you open a game, you get to see a live video along with a dealer standing at a blackjack table or real roulette, or whatever game you’ve selected to play, in a reliable casino environment. Sometimes, you can also find many other players at the table which are equally playing at the comfort of their home!

Your playing session begins just like when you are playing a desktop version of a game such as blackjack. You start by selecting your desired stake amount. Your cards are then dealt by the live dealer. It also depends on which game you are playing so that the cards are dealt face down or face up!

Advantages of Live Casino

There are countless advantages while playing live casino. The one thing that makes everyone wants to play live casino is the combination of playing in a reliable casino environment, against real dealers and opponents.

In other words, you don’t have to travel for a long distance to the nearest casino. Also, there is no dress code which you have to abide to as nobody will likely see you. You get to equally see the dealer and the table on which your placing your bet.

The best thing that attracts many players is availability. You can play live casino any time you wish. And don’t forget about the facility that you have at Moon Games Casino online site!

Live Casino Games

The most popular games that are can be accessed on live casino baccarat, roulette and blackjack. These table games are very common and have a long history. Three Card Poker is also another type of game that’s regularly played on live casinos.

Live Blackjack

On this game, you will play against the dealer. The aim is simple, try come closer to 21 than the dealer. If you exceed 21, you bust and lose your stake. The face cards in blackjack, i.e. King, Queen and Jack are worth 10 points. When it comes to the Ace, it can be either 11 or 1 depending on which is more advantageous for you during your game!

Live Roulette

The table and rules of live roulette can differ depending on what version of roulette you’re playing. In total, there are three versions – American, European and French. House edge is one important difference. On American roulette, the house has a greater benefit than in the other two types of roulette games. Nevertheless, the rules are practically the same. It is rather a game where you should trust your luck!

Live Baccarat

On this type of game, you normally wager on the outcome. Predict whether the dealer or yourself will win or if it’s a tie. To win, get closer to 9. The Ace is worth 1 point and the face cards and 10 are worth 0 point!

It is safe to say that Live Casino games have now taken over the gambling world. With such types of facilities available, everyone would want to play from the comfort of their home. On top of that, the deposit methods that many online casino sites provide are safe and secure!…

Games to look forward in March 2018

New games are released every month with the purpose of providing players with great entertainment and amazing gaming experience. You must have thoroughly enjoyed all that’s been developed for you in casino so far this year. This is however, only the beginning. During this special month of March, there are some truly cracking games to enjoy as well. Some have already been released and others, are yet to be launched in the coming days. As such, let’s take this opportunity and read about some of these highly entertaining games:

Diamond Dazzle Slot

Powered by Newlette, Diamond Dazzle Slot comes packed with 5 reels and 20 paylines. The theme of the game is very interesting, where you get to learn how the first ever diamond was discovered. In terms of features, you come across an interesting Dazzle Wilds which has what it takes to increase your winning potentials! The symbols that have been added into the game will also mesmerise you. They are blue pendent, yellow pendent, purple ring, green ring, pink ring, blue ring and yellow diamond!

Release Date: 01st of March 2018

Play On: Smartphone, Tablet, or Desktop

Hit Me! Baccarat

If you are a great fan of James Bond, you will definitely love this superb game created by Eyecon. James Bond was often seen playing such games in several of his movies. Now you have the chance to follow the footsteps of your idol, by trying your luck on his favourite game. Once you start the play, you will require to select the bet amount. Each hand in the game commences with 2 cards, and a third card can optionally be dealt as well. The aim is to hold a hand with a value closest to 9. If you manage to do so, you will highly be rewarded!

Release Date: 17th of March 2018

Play On: Smartphone, Tablet, or Desktop

Imperial Opera Slot

As soon as you start this wonderful slot, you are taken into an exquisite Asian themed opera house. This is where you will start hitting on the spin button and grab massive winnings. When it comes to the features, this game does not lack any. You will come across a Showcase feature, Harmony feature, Crescendo feature, Free Spins Feature and Mega Symbols. All of these thrilling features can make your gaming session a memorable one, as well as enhance your bankroll! However, this creation of Play’n GO consists of only 20 fixed paylines. So, you cannot alter it during your gameplay!

Release Date: 07th of March 2018

Play On: Smartphone, Tablet, or Desktop

Balloonies Swap & Pop

Usually balloons are used during events, weddings or birthdays. But now, IGT wants everyone to enjoy them online on Balloonies Swap & Pop game. By the title of this exciting game, you must have already guessed that you will need to pop balloons to be awarded amazing prizes! The main purpose however, is to line up three or more matching Balloonies to gather shapes. Consequently, you will then have to reveal all the shapes in a group to win other rewards. Each match may grant you an instant win prize!

Release Date: 29th of March 2018

Play On: Smartphone, Tablet, or Desktop

You must have already got a foretaste of what to expect during this special month of March! All of these brilliant online games can be played at none other than UK’s top online and mobile casino site – Magical Vegas. You can also find many other interesting slots or even live games available on this site. The best thing is that you can play at any time you wish, and on any devices!…

Some of the Main Tourist Attractions in Spain

Spain, as a holiday destination, has a lot to offer. From stag dos in Algarve or junggesellenabschied bei Algarve, as one would say in German, to a family getaway in Barcelona, you can find something for everyone, so much so, you may not even know where to start. If you are in the process of planning a trip to Spain, here are some of the top attractions that you may be interested in.

  • Explore Madrid

Madrid, the capital city of Spain is well known for its fantastic nightlife, tapas and museums. This is the type of city that only comes alive at midnight. Prado is rated as one of the biggest museums across the globe and the Royal Palace is also a noteworthy attraction. Other places to visit would be a slow walk through Plaza Mayor which is the main square.

  • Enjoy Barcelona

Similar to Madrid, Barcelona is well-known for late-night eating and partying and features some outstanding historical streets. Barcelona is rich in history and this is the place where you may want to sleep until about 10 pm in the evening and then enjoy a midnight breakfast, this is the way the locals do it. Another top attraction in Barcelona includes their history museum.

  • Revel in la Tomatina

This event is held every August on the last Wednesday in Buñol, where thousands of people flock to this tiny town early in the morning in order to enjoy throwing tomatoes at one another. It is the messiest yet extremely fun event to participate in. The tickets for this festival will cost you 10 Euros.

  • Join the Running Bulls

Held in Pamplona in the month of July, the Running of the Bulls is an attraction for the stupid and the brave. Whether you decide to participate or not, this multi-day celebration is a great place to eat really good food, drink sangria and celebrate the way the Spanish do.

  • Lounge on the Costa Del Sol

Visit the beach and take part in the laid-back lifestyle that Spain is well-known for. The sunny coast in the southern part of Spain is well-known for stunning beaches and its exciting nightlife. Malaga is known as the biggest.

  • Make Your Way to Valencia

Valencia is an amazing town where you can investigate its interesting history, enjoy fantastic paella or seafood and maybe watch a soccer game featuring the local team.

  • Get Lost in Seville

This outstanding city is home to great historic sites, palaces and churches. There are also great places to shop for unique items. One of the stand-out attractions of this city is the Jewish Quarter which is a monument that was dedicated to various regions across Spain. This also happens to be a very large student town.

  • Hike in the Sierra Nevada

This mountain area happens to be a fantastic attraction to hike in the summer months, ski in the winter or just to explore the smaller towns. This area happens to be rugged, yet extremely beautiful and one of the best outdoor areas for a number of activities in Spain. There are various trails that range in difficulty as well as in length along with the possibility of a number of guided tours.

  • Visit the Mosque and the Great Cathedral

The Mezquita de Cordoba is definitely one of the most exquisite true examples of Muslim fabrics in Spain. Its Jasper columns, giant arches, marble floors and gilded-prayer niches along with the amazing domed shrine of the Byzantine mosaics will take you back to the era when Cordoba was still under a Muslim influence.…