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10 Popular Places to See in Nepal

Housing eight out of ten tallest mountains in the world, Nepal is a country blessed with immense natural beauty. In addition to natural sceneries, Nepal is also a good place for pilgrimage and adventurous activities like trekking, skydiving, zip-flying etc.

Here we present a list of 10 places in Nepal that are popular among the tourists internationally. Before we proceed, have a look at the list of Delhi to Kathmandu flights as you won’t be able to resist yourself after knowing these exciting tourist destinations in Nepal.

  1. Chitwan National Park – Spread across an area of 934 sq km this National Park is a World Heritage Site recognised by UNESCO. The Chitwan National Park is house to more than 700 species of wildlife. In addition to the big wild animals here one can get to see large varieties of butterfly, insects, moth and over 17 species of reptiles including the giant monitor lizards.
  2. Lumbini – It is a well-known fact that Lumbini is a pilgrimage site for the follower of Lord Buddha. But, the peaceful environment and monasteries are equally enchanting for believers and non-believers. One of the most popular attractions of the place is Maya Devi Temple situated in a beautiful park comprising monasteries and lakes.
  3. Kathmandu Valley – Housing more than 130 essential monuments and religious sites, the Kathmandu valley is popularly referred as the valley of Gods. It is also famous for the handicrafts made by the artisans using centuries-old traditions. The Newari foods cooked on wood ovens are not-to-miss opportunity while wandering the alleys of the Valley.
  4. Pokhara – One of the perfect leisure destinations of Nepal, Pokhara is a full tourism package. The scenic beauty of Lake Phewa makes it an ideal location to relax and unwind. In addition to relaxing the visitors to Pokhara also gets the opportunity for paragliding, white water rafting and trekking.
  5. Bhaktapur – Although the place suffered great damage due to the tragic earthquake of 2015 there are still many mesmerising temples and edifices. Apart from architecture this also is an ideal place for the shoppers with its souvenirs, puppets, masks, pottery and many other forms of cultural handicrafts.
  6. Nagarkot – This place is considered the best honeymoon destination in Nepal with its beautiful sceneries and romantic environment. This is the place from where you can have the best views of the Himalayan Range. It goes without saying that you can get to see the stunning sunrise and sunset views even from your hotel room’s window at Nagarkot.
  7. Sagarmatha National Park – The national park is the highest revenue generating tourist attraction of Nepal. It is probably one of the best trekking areas in the world as it is home to the Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world. In addition to the trekking experience, the diverse flora and fauna of the National Park attract visitors all over the world.
  8. Janakpur – As the birthplace of Sita and the marriage ground for Lord Rama and Sita, Janakpur is a famous Hindu pilgrimage in Nepal. The place is a perfect blend of history, religion and culture. It is the place where you can imbibe the rich Mithila culture and witness the mastery in architecture.
  9. Bardiya National Park – This is the largest and most undisturbed national park in the Terai region of Nepal. Almost 70% of the area here is covered with thick forests with a mixture of savannah, grassland and riverine forest. About 642 species of fauna are recorded including 125 different fish species.
  10. Thamel – The simplest introduction of this place can be – paradise to the budget travellers. This commercial neighbour of Kathmandu has enjoyed the status of hot-spot for tourism since the hippie Budget hotels, shops, restaurant etc. has always remained great attractions of Thamel. Now it has one more added feature of full Wi-Fi zone.

As an Indian citizen, you do not need a visa for travelling to Nepal. So, pack your bags and book your Delhi to Kathmandu flights for a long journey to your beautiful neighbour country.


Three Signs You Should Rent a Vacation House instead of a Hotel

When you think about traveling, you might immediately think about staying in a hotel. However, you do have another option: renting a vacation house. Of course, hotels do have their benefits, but they aren’t always the best choice for people who are traveling. These are a few signs that you may want to rent a vacation house instead of a hotel on your next trip.

Vacation House
1. You’re Traveling with Your Family

If you are traveling solo or as a couple, you might not really need the extra space of a vacation house. However, if you are traveling with your kids or other family members or friends, you might find that your group will be a bit cramped for space in a regular hotel room. Even a hotel suite might not be big enough to comfortably accommodate everyone in your group. However, if you rent a vacation house, you can ensure that everyone has plenty of space to stretch out and to have their privacy. This can be a much better choice if you are traveling with multiple people.

2. You Want to Be Able to Prepare Your Own Food

There are many reasons why you might want to be able to prepare your own food while you’re on vacation. If you are on a budget, then you will probably find that being able to cook for yourself and your traveling companions is a great way to save a lot of money. If you have special dietary restrictions or allergies, you might feel safer and more comfortable with being able to prepare your own food rather than dining out. If you are trying to eat healthy, then you may want to avoid some of the foods that are sold in many restaurants. In these situations and more, a vacation rental home can be a better choice. Luckily, there are vacation rentals in Mexico and other popular tourist destinations that include full kitchens, making it easy for you to prepare your own meals.

3. You’d Prefer a Little More Peace and Quiet

As you might already know, it’s not always possible to enjoy peace and quiet when you are staying in a hotel. After all, you have to worry about other travelers making a lot of noise when they’re walking down the hallways or about other people keeping you up at night by partying in their hotel rooms. If you’re in a vacation rental house, however, you do not have to worry about being surrounded by as many other travelers. This means that you can actually experience a little bit of peace and quiet while you’re on your trip. Depending on where you are traveling and what the point of your vacation is, this might be very important.

As you can see, for some travelers, renting a vacation house can be the better choice. Luckily, you don’t have to choose a hotel. Instead, consider looking into your vacation house rental options, and you should be able to find one that is perfect for your upcoming trip.…

7 Reasons For Traveling to Athens, Greece!

When you hear the Greek country, for those who like to travel must have thought of Santorini which is famous for its white buildings on the hillside of the ocean.  But Greece is not only Santorini, there are places, islands, beaches, or even restaurants that you can visit. Hostelbay vacation in Greece have more options for you if you are traveling to Greece. And also, do not forget the capital of the country of origin Archimedes, it’s Athena!

  1. Admire the Acropolis Architecture

If you only have one place you can visit in Athens, the Acropolis is the answer. This area is one of the proofs of Greek civilization that was built in the 5th century BC. Until now also not known exactly how the technology of the era can build this grand building.

For those who want to come here, try to go in the morning or evening, especially during the summer. Because it must be hot tracking up the stairs that pretty long.

Acropolis means upper city. The city above. So many buildings that are considered important or sacred built here. Like Parthenon and Erecthion. Because of its location at altitude, we can see the beautiful city of Athens from above.

  1. Visit the Acropolis Museum

Once down from the Acropolis, just need to walk about five minutes to arrive at this museum. Lots of sculptures and sculptures that tell about the history of ancient Greece. There are 4000 collections of ancient greek art exhibited here.

The museum is built directly above the excavation of an ongoing historic site around the acropolis. Some of the museum floors are made of glass, so we can see directly to the floor above or below us. Includes sites that are being excavated.

  1. Day Trip to Temple of Poseidon

This temple is located in Cape Sounion, about 60 km from Athens, so it must be placed one day for a day trip here.

There is a public bus from Athens to come here for about 20 euros with a long journey of about 90 minutes. Along the way, make sure take the right seat because the sea view on the coast of Greece is beautiful!

When I arrived at the temple where Poseidon, the god of the sea in greek’s mythology, I was very impressed with the scenery. Similar to Komodo Island!

  1. Try Greek Culinary Special

Bairaktaris, a typical greek restaurant that has been around since 1879 which is highly recommended.

Because Greece is adjacent to Turkey, the food is much alike. One of them is Gyros or we are more familiar with the name Kebab!

Gourmet food always relies on yogurt and olive oil as a condiment. For Gyros sauce or french fries served must use Tzatziki. This sauce is made using Greek yogurt, cucumber, olive oil, and lemon. It feels very fresh and is suitable as a dipping sauce to compensate for gyros and french fries.

Not to forget also the Greek salad is always there as a side dish. Pieces of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, oregano are watered with olive oil is also very good to lure our appetite.

  1. Learn Cooking at Zafiros Cafe

In addition to trying culinary, you can also learn to cook it. Surprisingly, greek food is very simple in its making. No elaborate spices like Asian cooking.

One of the places to do this is Zafiro. A cafe on a hill similar to Bandung dago experts is not only a casual hangout in Athens, but also provides a “Zafiro Experience” where we can learn about the everyday life of ancient Greek society including the art of cooking.

  1. Shop at Monastiraki Flea Market

Still around the Acropolis, near Syntagma Square, Athens square we can find this market.

There are two parallel roads along this market street. The first street is for the big brands, the second street is the street that housed flea market shops that sell various souvenirs and souvenirs typical of Greece. I chose the second way because I wanted to buy a refrigerator and gelato magnet.

  1. Hopping Island with Cruise Ship

Greece is an archipelagic country. Santorini is just one of about 6000 islands there.

Time in Athens, I had come to hopping island to the three islands. Hydra Island, Poros Island and Aegina Island. I joined the tour organized by evermore cruise. It costs 109 euros for regular classes and 225 euros for VIP classes.…

Make Sure You Already know these Things before Dive

In addition to snorkeling, there is one type of other water sports that the traveler likes to dive. In contrast to snorkeling, to perform this activity one must have a basic skill to swim first. Especially if you want to become a professional diver, many stages that must be passed include a must have Diving License.


During this time many assumptions that diving is an easy activity that does not need skill or permit. Includes a diving ban if you have asthma. The assumptions are not always true and even seem misleading. For that Traveling summarize from various sources, things you need to know about diving.

Dive Must have Diving License

Many people think that to dive they do not need Diving License, but this assumption is wrong. Exactly if you want to be a professional diver should have it. It is the same function as a driver’s license for pre-driver vehicles.

So what about the tour operators who provide diving services at various tourist attractions? Well, this is actually what makes people think Diving License is not important. At the tourist attractions, anyone can dive freely without need a permit.

Instructors will invite and guide tourists into the water as far as 5-7 meters. Bottom line they will not allow tourists to dive themselves. If you want to dive on your own without an instructor but do not have Diving License, do not expect to do it.

Conditions Diving can’t have Asthma, Myth or Fact?

The people who do these diving activities should be people who are physical, spiritual, middle-aged and have basic swimming skills. Testers will see this condition when creating a Dive License. The reason is, they will enter into “other realms” that can not necessarily breathe without help tool.

But is it true that people affected by asthma are impossible to do diving? Actually not too, according to some seasoned dive instructors stated that the most important is the anticipation of asthma. Of course, a person with chronic asthma is not immediately allowed to dive, they need a doctor’s certificate before taking a dive course.
Like Miss Scuba International 2011, Dayu Hatmanti for example. He claims people with asthma, but he was diligent in therapy and find out what things that provoke asthma to relapse. Now he claims to be healthier by undergoing diving activities.

Diving is One of the Activities that are Risky

Some think if diving is a riskless activity. Basically, all activities contain risks including diving. Generally, the people who say the dive is not at risk are those who prioritize commercial interests. When in fact diving is a sport as well as the adventure that can not be separated from the risk.

Not meant to scare off potential divers. Because every risk can be minimized knowing the true origin of the theory and practice of the right diving. Seawater is not like water in a quiet bath because even in the ocean have currents. Not to mention the diving spots inhabited by wild animals. For that, it takes a good understanding for divers to reduce the risk during the dive.

Air Tube for Diving not Just Contains Oxygen

we know every diver always equips himself with the long air tubes. As a layman, we know that the tube contains oxygen. The fact is the air inside the diver’s oxygen tub is different from the air we breathe in the wild.

In the gas cylinder contains nitrogen, oxygen and the rest are other gases. That’s why divers always have a safe time limit to be in the water. The reason is simple, this diver breathes air with high nitrogen levels, inhaling it for a long time causes decompression or nitrogen gas fails to come out of the surface of the skin that makes air bubbles in the bloodstream.

Learning Diving is Fun

One of the requirements of the dive must have a basic swimming technique. That’s why many people who fail to learn to dive because they can not swim. Do not be afraid, because we can learn all this in a relaxed, easy and fun way.
Most importantly before going to a diving course, you learn to swim. In a dive course, the instructor will be teach the basic theory of diving, including focusing on the comfort of being in the water. Later there will be a real scenario facing various difficulties in the water. Dive instructions you do right then learn diving is not as spooky as imagined.


Here are 9 Most Extreme Tours in the World

Tourist attractions are places that can make us calm, relax and make the mind fresh again. If you are tired of the scenery that can give you the beauty of adrenaline. This is an extreme tourist spot in the world that can boost your adrenaline.

Aquaventure Water Park (Bahamas)

Mayan Temple’s serpent slide is one of the rides at Bahamas Aquaventure Water Park that will give you a different and extraordinary experience. You can enter the lagoon full of sharks and you will also feel in the darkness fifty meters and then fall into the prehistoric underground lair.

Cliff Base Extreme Jumping (Norway)

In Norway, there are many places that have very beautiful scenery, one of them is a creepy cliff named Cliff Base Jumping. Extreme sights exclusively for you who have courage. For those of you who like photography, in this place a lot of spots that you can make your photo object.

CN Tower Edge Walking (Canada)

CN Tower is a tower in Toronto, the capital of Canada. The tower is listed as the world’s extreme minaret in Guinness World Records. The unique design of CN Tower allows people to be able to walk on it (Edge Walking). Do you dare to try it?

El Caminito Del Rey Trekking (Spain)

In the southern part of Spain, there is a towering cliff named El Caminito Del Rey. This cliff is one of the main goals for adrenaline addicts. To be able to climb this cliff, the requirements have been aged over 12 years and have good control. However, this cliff has been closed to the public after two climbers were killed.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

You will feel like walking in the sky while walking your feet on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Because this place is designed on a cliff that is hundreds of meters tall and made of transparent thick glass. The scenery in this place no doubt. Wherever the eyes look, the natural beauty you will get.

Iguazu Boat Ride (Argentina and Brazil)

In Iguazu, there are 275 waterfalls through Argentina and Brazilian parks. To enjoy the scenery and feel the thrill of sensation in Iguazu, you can board the boat that has been provided. You just pay the $ 15 fare and feel the sensation of getting on a boat at the waterfall. But you have to be very careful because in 2011 there were two American tourists who died after the boat climbed hit the rock and upside down.

Rowing with the Whales (Alaska)

At the north pole, precisely in Alaska, there is a very extreme tour of rowing with whales and sharks in the sea. This is devoted to the rowers who have very extreme souls. If you like a cool and challenging place, this is probably the right place to visit.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark (Kansas City)

Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City has the world’s tallest and fastest spotting spot. Its speed reaches 70 mph (miles per hour). If you want to feel your adrenaline challenged, you should try it. But remember, maybe you will run out of breath or even have a sudden heart attack.

Volcano Bungee (Chile)

Bungee jumping was great. When the body is thrown from a high place, the adrenaline gets raced and the heart pounding rapidly. But if you feel bungee jumping is normal, maybe you should feel the bungee jumping on the volcano. Yes, this bungee jumping really exists in Chile. This attraction is crazy because you have to jump from helicopter to lava.…