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How to Get a Wage and Tax Statement from Former Employers

Your wage and tax statement indicates the compensation that you got from your employer during the year. This form is usually given at the beginning of the year. Every employer is supposed to give this form to the employees who received at least six hundred dollars during the year. Therefore, to determine your earnings you need this document. A wage and tax statement also shows what you contributed for health insurance, retirement plan or whether there are any deductions that you made.

In case you resign from your job, your previous employer might wait for the right date to send you a wage and tax statement. However, you can ask your former employer to send you the form if you do not want to wait that long. After making your request, you should be able to accept it within thirty days. If you fail to win the way before the right date, there are other means that you can use to get it. One way of doing this is to reach out to your former employer by talking to his human resource representative.

After that, ask for a copy of this document and do not forget to provide your correct address. If the company you were working for is a small one that does not have a human resource representative, then it is okay to also talk to the boss directly. You will note that the application you are making is allowed by the law, and therefore you should be firm with it. Another way of getting your wage and tax statement is through your payroll administrator. This can be done by either calling or emailing them. Here you will need to confirm your employment details as well your current address. You should ask your payroll administrator to confirm the date if they tell you that they already mailed the form.

If need be, you can ask them to send you a replacement form as well. If you try the above ways unsuccessful, you can also contact the Internal Revenue Service directly. Here, they will ask you the essential information about your employer and also your salary and wages. They will then contact your former employer and ask them to send you the form. You can now start the process of getting your wage and tax statement from your previous employer now that you know how to do it. This is because the responsibility of providing that your charges are handled promptly and efficiently is in your hands.

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