Top 4 Tips For Your Travelling Outfit

When it comes to travelling, comfort is the most important thing, especially if you’re travelling by plane or you’re embarking on a long car journey. Many times, especially on Instagram, you will see young guys and girls showing off fantastic outfits, even when on a plane or when they’re driving to their holiday destination. With that being said, let’s break down how to look stylish while travelling with these top 4 picks.

Streetwear: The Right Pick

Streetwear is usually associated with comfort and therefore keeping an eye on tracksuits from high-level brands could be the best first approach. Gucci, for example, has been seen on many different influencers as their “go to” travelling tracksuit, which automatically confirms what said above.

The price for 2018 track pants currently fluctuates between £600 and £750, which might sound a bit too high for a pair of “comfy pants”, but hey, fashion has its price!


Dad’s Shoes

Adidas’ Osweegos are definitely the best representation of trendy shoes that you can wear for days without feeling them. With Balenciaga releasing their Triple S pair, dad’s shoes became more and more relevant in the fashion industry, which is the reason why many decided to pick them as their go-to travelling shoes. Given the fact that they are usually sold for around £600, maybe asking your dad for those old Reeboks is a better decision.



Wearing accessories while travelling could be risky for a variety of reasons: first of all, because some of them might eventually fall off (and we all know how expensive certain accessories are) and second of all because accessories should have some practicality for you. With that being said, Supreme offers some incredible shoulder bags that will keep you stylish while you’ll be on your journey.


Combining Pieces

When it comes to picking up an outfit for a travel, it’s important to understand how important having a coherent vision of the overall thing is. With that in mind, a simple but comfortable Mens Gym Shirts could be the best pick for you, especially if it has a very minimalistic design.


To Conclude

Regardless of the fact that comfort is the most important thing when picking up an outfit for your travel, style must also be your personal focus. With these tips, you will not only be able to put together a fantastic outfit, but also one that you won’t easily take off!

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