Things You Should Not Do When in New York

Are you a travel enthusiast? Alternatively, are you making plans to tour the New York? No matter how many times you might have visited the place, it’s certain that you might have done something wrong, gone to the wrong place, or even spent your money on the wrong things.

Of course, such things are bound to happen to anyone especially if you are not a regular visitor. Regardless, with the right information prior to your visit, you can always avoid the common mistakes and make the most out of your vacation. Follow this expert advice on what not to do in New York and you will be assured of a splendid time.

  1. Don’t stand on the sidewalk

As a first time visitor in New York, it is hard not to be fascinated by the city’s mesmerizing skyscrapers, beautiful monuments, or its flourishing arts. However, even as you take a glimpse at its amazing features, don’t stand on the sidewalk.

As beautiful as the city may be, bear in mind that it holds a population of around 8 million people. Its inhabitants find it aggravating having to maneuver around you and your travel companion on the pathways as they are on their way to work, home, or elsewhere. So, ensure you stand aside so that folks using the sidewalk will do that at ease.

  1. Don’t dress like a tourist

You must dress, behave, or do like they do in New York. One of the most notable things that would probably blow up your cover is dressing like a visitor. You wanted to show some love while visiting the city, so you wore an “I Heart NY” hat, sweatpants, white sneakers, or socks with sandals. Well, if you want to be treated like a real New Yorker, think jeans, sneakers, or anything black.

  1. Don’t lean on the subway poles

Riding on the subway is probably one of the most common transport networks in the New York. So, to fully blend in with the New Yorkers, riding around with a tour guide might not be the best option. Having explored one area, take the subway to your next destination. Also, while riding the subway, avoid leaning on one pole, and hold it with your hand instead. You will not only be allowing enough space for others to grab but will also avoid getting hurt.

  1. Don’t walk around with luggage

To have the best time while visiting the city, the last thing you would want is a baggage limiting your movement. Luckily, the city offers several luggage collection storages at an affordable fee for as low as $1. Luggage Hero is New York’s favorite collection storage. It offers over 140 different luggage storage locations all over the city. Among the most popular places you can easily access, Luggage Hero Times Square is one of the places you can store your items to.

As you plan your trip to the city, it is my hope that the above tips will significantly work on improving your visit and make it as exciting as possible.

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3 Benefits of a Charter Bus for Your Business Outing

When it comes to group transportation for your company, you have to explore your options. A charter bus offers a variety of benefits in comparison to asking everyone to drive themselves to a particular destination.


The cost of a charter bus can be considerably more affordable than reimbursing all of your employees for their mileage and tolls. You have to be realistic about where you are going. The further it is, the more affordable a charter bus becomes. Additionally, a bus will drop you off and pick you up, which means that there is no need to pay for parking anywhere, either.


Driving across the state or even out-of-state can be challenging. If you don’t know where you are going, you need to rely on GPS. You may also have to endure traffic. There’s nothing convenient about having to carpool with employees, either. Rather than asking everyone to drive themselves, you can simply offer a charter bus to get everyone to the final destination.


If you have never had much success with everyone arriving on time to a meeting, convention, or company retreat, it may be that you are asking too much of your employees. You have to realize that everyone has lives. They may not have the most reliable vehicle. They may also not be looking forward to getting on the road and driving for several hours. By offering a charter bus rental Houston employees will arrive at once. It makes it easier so that you can be timely in adhering to your schedule.

Charter buses are capable of accommodating large groups. Comfortable chairs allow everyone to lean back and relax while being taken to a particular destination. It’s an easier solution when you have a large group of people going to the same location.…